01.14.24 - Bug Fixes!

01.14.24 - Fixed tower Inn bug

01.17.24 - Fixed forest Shop bug

01.19.24 - Shop gold bug fixed, Tower hanging body fixed

The world of Traumatarium returns!

Decades after the great evil was finally sealed away, a new mysterious group has been sowing chaos in the shadows. And now, in their most brazen move yet, they have taken over the castle, vying for control of the land.

In response, the Order has sent one of their bravest and deadliest warriors to quell the uprising and bring swift penance to the impure.

More control then aver before on your travels!

Large maps build the world before you, as enemies try to stop you in your tracks. But hunger may get to you before they do if you're not careful.

Make sure to keep your health up, but with each step, you will lose vitality, and when that reaches 0, you will begin slowly losing health. VP will be shown at the top of the screen.


Fruit and Meat: Recover VP

Potions: Recover HP

Map: Will return you to the last Inn

Key: Use to unlock doors

When VP reaches 0, your HP will begin to decrease with each move.

Start will bring up the menu, where you can check your status and use items.

Select will bring up the map of the current area.  X will mark points of interest.

The arrow keys show where you can use the directional pad to go, as well as points of interest and the button for interacting with them.

In battle, you can use the directional button to chose an action, to which the enemy will respond.

StatusIn development
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
Made withGB Studio
TagsDungeon Crawler, Game Boy, Game Boy ROM, gbstudio, Pixel Art
Average sessionA few hours


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A fantastic delivery as always.
Can feel the improvement over the first one - this definitely feels more balanced, and now it has a more intelligent replay value.
Of course, and, as always, music and graphics are, majestic.
While I understand the mechanics for food and potions...it felt a little annoying going back and forth between the rooms and the inventory...my vote is to have automatic food consumption. The use of potions can be left manual as it still works for the strategy.
Just thoughts...
But overall loved the game!

Just finished it and really enjoyed it. The graphics and music made for a great dark atmosphere. Awesome work!

thank you so much for the kind words! So glad you enjoyed it 🫶

so if we bought it do we just download again for updated version?

yep if you purchased it you should have no problems downloading the updated zip files but please let me know if you have any issues!

very lovely made, as always!


Oh yay!! Thank you for playing! I’m a huge fan of your channel so stoked to check it out!

thanks again, and thank you so much for your support as well <3


you got an amazing channel 🤘🤘

Made a video

Nice!! 🤘🤘

I really love the art and the atmosphere of this game, also very difficult I end up dead every time, but i still like it i will try again until i finish it!

Eating food and keeping track of vitality is super important! Thank you and so glad you’re enjoying it 🫶

Es-ce qu'il y aura des copies physique du Penitent éventuellement?


Je travaille dur dessus, alors j'espère des nouvelles bientôt 🤞🤞

biensur je vous le prend ! 
j’achète votre jeu immédiatement ! 
Je dev aussi et c’est un peu à cause de vous haha 😝 

Merci beaucoup! J'espère que tu apprécies!

Beautiful artwork and challenging gameplay, haven't gone too far yet, taking my time to explore the map and save coins.
Amazing job!


Thank you! Can’t wait for the full nunya game!!

absolutely brilliant art and such a clever way to allow for UI and player control even using logo screens!! i'm so inspired.

thank you! So glad you enjoyed it!!

(1 edit)

Hi. Congrats to the release! I just bought the bundle with both games but I'm struggling getting the real GB-color (green). I tried both BGB and VisualBoyAdvance but all I get is black and white. The respective color settings don't seem to do anything at all. Can you give me a hint or recommend a good emulator that does support the original green color? Thanks!

I use sameboy and it has a wonderful dmg setting. Hope that helps :) haven’t tried the ones you mentioned

Wow, that was fast! Thank you, it works fine now. :)

awesome :)

I played at the switch version of the first opus, just a masterpiece ! Will you release this one on switch too ?


I really hope so! Def gonna have a cart release for the gameboy but I’d love to port it to switch as well if I can!

i dont understand combat. does guarding tire the enemy out?

it cancels their damage. In some fights it won’t do much but some later enemies have attack patterns so you want to block their heavy attack, which may come every other or every third attack 

Art is looking amazing, cool take on rogue like but as a Gameboy game.

thank you so much 🫶🫶

Awesome... Sure i will grab this to support you... Again and again ;)

Means a lot, thank you!! :):)

This looks incredible!! I’m so psyched to start playing. Congrats on shipping!

thank you 🤘🤘

This looks great! So stoked for the follow up!

thank you!! 

Amazing artwork - congrats!

thank you so much! Hope you enjoy 🤘🤘