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so amazing!

They are making money off your game on Allie Express. They put it in a GB cartridge. I wonder if I could play this on a retro handheld.

damn. I’d say I’m surprised but unfortunately seems to be happening to a lot of creators :(


thank you 🙏🙏

Might be something wacky with the HTML version, but if you go left to the computer near the start of the game then click "no" instead of "yes", then hit "down" the cursor will go outside of the control area and into the game display.  You'll need to reset and start over to fix it.


Thank you for letting me know! Will check and fix that!

no prob.  There were a couple typos in there too, but they weren't game breaking lol.  If you can't recreate it, let me know and I'll see if I can do it again.  I was able to consistently when I played through and tested what I did to break it lol.

At first I thought maybe the black space below the game as for inventory, and I'd hit something to jump to that space... But then I realized I was able I was able to cursor over my O2 and ammo count and stuff, and couldn't get my cursor to go back over the actual options to look/move haha

yeah def not supposed to happen, will have to look into fixing that but. Thank you for the heads up!

No prob.  Here's a couple clips from my stream last night.  The first was when it happened and I realized that I broke it, the 2nd was figuring out how I broke it, and that it is in fact repeatable lol (Yes, for some reason the URLs are in reverse chronolotical order - the first clip got the bigger number)

Side note, it would be cool if you could press a button to skip the intro


I posted a QR code for those who have a modded 3DS and can install games via FBI.

Didn’t even know that was possible!

Short, innovative, and full of character! You’re continually pushing the platform to the limits and it rocks! I loved this one a lot. 

Thank you so much, so happy you liked it :)

fantastic art and music. Really enjoyed the progression of the systems from the last game. Really loved the addition of the map. I can see building off of that with choosing a path that locks off another in the future

so glad you dug it! This was definitely a testing ground for some things to come. A Segway of sorts between Traumatarium and what I’m working on now

Great art and music! I love a good space adventure.

thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it!

Great art and story as always!

Thank you for the kind words!!

Made a video

hell yeah!! Thank you guys as always, y’all rock!!

We love your games so had to play it

Really liked the game, even being short I really liked the narrative, art and mechanics.

glad you enjoyed it 🤘🤘🤘

where do i put in the code???

when you reach the locked door use the eye symbol. It will bring up the keypad

theres no eye symbol at the locked door. i have nowhere to put in 631

If it’s the first split check the computer screen on the left side, that one unlocks from the computer

Nice color palettes. I'm digging the music.  Did you use GB Studio? 


yep it was all done in gbstudio

Well, I enjoyed the game. Now I'll tell you what I liked and didn't.

-The art direction is utterly awesome! A pixelated mix between the game boy and Resident Evil.

-The gameplay, while not very in depth, is just enough to hold your attention.

-Story didn't really engage me all that much. I did like the lore.

-The ending is weird. Even if you win the fight against that... thing, the game acts like you lost. It would be nice to have a different ending. That way if you're good at managing your items, you are rewarded.

-A few bugs are still in this game.

I hope I didn't come off as rude. I truly believe that you may have a future in horror games once your flaws are ironed out. Good luck!

not rude at all! Really appreciate all feedback and it means a lot that you went in depth and gave a fantastic review! Working on learning with each release so the hope is always that the next game is a little better and I continue improving!

rad stuff, well done!

Thank you 🤘🤘


I loved the art and graphics! That ALERT before a battle was very cool. The colors and style of this game are amazing. 

The story and gameplay was fun! I wish that final battle could have a different music, for more impact. 

I found it a little odd that the dialog after 1st zombie attack was almost the same after final enemy os defeated. Was that intended? 

I want to mention that after the Ending or after Game Over, doors stayed unlocked and dead crew give me nothing. Not sure if That was also intended. 

Love your games! Keep the good work! 


thank you for the kind words! So glad you enjoyed it! Yeah it seems for some reason it soft saves your progress? Will have that fixed and updated shortly!

Cool, but i found a bug: medkit and reload do opposite actions...

that’s strange, they worked correct for me. Will look into it!

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Really strange, i can't reproduce it now, but first time when i found it, i game-overed 3-4 times. May be it relate.

Also i noticed: first right door don't re-close after restarting. May be hkit/reload caused by incorrect state reset.

I think it’s kinda soft saving your progress in a way. Will definitely correct that thanks for the heads up!!

right on!



just finished it and wow!!!! it did spook me! Not fond of the… is it point and click genere? But this game is amazing I enjoyed it a lot thank you very much! If I may ask are there multiple endings? Thanks again and congrats :)


glad you enjoyed it! I’d say less point and click and maybe a bit dungeon adventure? Haha. And there is only one ending