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This is great! I love 8 bit games and this is what it is. The music is what I like to! I'll be hoping what come's next, but there's a bug. Like if you get sick from the statue and you are fighting someone then you won't get damage from that thing, I'm not saying you fix it cuz it's op but you can fix it if you want. But this is a amazing game. this game is my kind.

thank you for pointing that out, I’ll have to look into that bug! Thank you for playing, glad you enjoyed the game!

Visually it's amazing, the enemies look very appealing and I was amazed by the scenery. I'll be happy to hear from your expansion in the future! And honestly the music is already very good but a metal soundtrack is compelling.

thank you for the kind words! Yeah given the over the top nature some metalocalypse inspired music wouldn’t be out of place haha

Dethklok?? Even better, dude!

Loved this! Simple but so good, can't wait to see more!


Glad you enjoyed it!!

PLEASE expand this project i loved it :)

In the works, more content is coming! and thank you for the kind words!

Great to hear! ill donate if i can

not necessary but always appreciated, just glad to see people enjoy the game :)

Great artwork and simple, yet good, roguelike game!

Thank you, hoping to expand it to a larger adventure in the future

Great art and great game. 

Awesome!! Thank you so much for playing!!

Yo this shit rules, literally perfect. Love to see stuff that makes me want to push my own design, in the TTRPG space

thank you so much. It’s incredibly scary to put your work out there, I almost never released anything, but you’ll be surprised by how many will enjoy it so go for it!

i loved this game design.

thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

Hey, I think you have an artist to add to your credits. The "cover" of the game, with the skeleton on the spikes, was done by Dean Spencer.


Yep it is, from drivetheurpg

I can't wait! I've played your previous games on original hardware and they are a delight. Ooooh boy


awesome, hope you enjoy this one too!!

I found a glitch, if you attack then go to items before the enemy attacks, then come back, you won't get attacked

but cool game still :D

thanks for the heads up, def have to fix that!

Made a video


you rock!!

Thank you and looking forward to your next game or the expansion your planning to add to this game

Great game, + my collection

thank you!

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Art is very similar to the work of Frank Frazetta. Was that your inspiration?

definitely an inspiration love the over the top barbarian aesthetic

love it

sweet! Can’t wait to check it out!

It's great game,I really had fun playing it .

I went to this party the day I downloaded it to my phone and I handed it over to everyone to complete it, very cool game thank you

That’s so freaking awesome! Thank you!

I love the graphics <

thank you!!

Woah! Impressive graphics!

It would be great to get the possibility to translate it as there isn't too much text; though I wonder if your text is actual font or sprites (the latter would be a challenge for the translation).

the text is actually all sprite work as you mentioned. At some point diff language version wouldn’t be out of the question it would just take time to re set all the type

So my guess was correct and a translation would require massive work.
Anyway, very good example of what can be done with GB Studio

Thank you, glad you enjoyed the game!

gg first try too 

nice! Thanks for playing!

so well made!<3

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

Really awesome New game from you (as all previous ones). Did you maybe make a Label for this aswell like you did for neighbor? Or is it already included in the deluxe package? Would really want to put it on my flashcard.

there is a label. There’s a high res on the deluxe but I have a low res made for like funkey. Dm me on the gb studio discord (username viley) and I’m more than happy to send you that

Neat game! It was short and sweet. The visuals are pretty impressive for a game boy game. Music was nice as well! Although there wasn’t anything too complicated with the gameplay, it was still a compelling experience. Great work!


awesome! Thank you for playing!! With the positive feedback hoping to expand the game in the future for a longer gameplay experience

A really wonderful game that reminded me of the Heroquest board game. Do you plan to expand the game a bit? For example with new enemy types or other collectible items? Triggerable traps that you have to defuse would also be really cool. For example, with a new bar of dexterity.

the reception has been very surprising. I think there’s def a possibility of expanding. I have some ideas for some new dungeons and events. Would love to do a haunted forest type dungeon

Great game and impressive art!

Thank you!!

Great game, charming pixel art and music accompanied with a fun nostalgic feeling. Great job!

thank you for the kind words, glad you enjoyed it!

Gorgeous game with great music, I really enjoyed it!!

thank you for playing and the kind words!

I love the art and mood! It'd be great to play a colour version too.

The final boss almost had me, but I found that if you go into the Item menu and the exit back to the battle screen, it allows you to get a hit in first before the enemy can, and repeat the process to victory 😀.

glad you enjoyed it, and thank you for giving it a look!!

Great art!


thank you, means a lot coming from you!

Amazing! I love this! Music is great and artwork blew my mind!

thank you so much for checking this out, glad you liked it!

It really hooked me up. Craving for more. Ha ha ha

Great artwork! Together with the music it makes for a cool experience.

glad you enjoyed it and thank you so much for checking it out!!


Beautiful artwork. Really enjoyed it.


thank you so much for your kind words! Means a lot coming from you!!

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